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Hogwartsdisa AU profile

Basic Profile
Name: Utena Tenjou
Nationality: British (Japanese descent)
Bloodline: Muggleborn
House/Year: Gryffindor, 4th year
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Classes: The core classes; Muggle studies (easy marks!), Care of Magical Creatures
Hair: Dark brown; colored pink courtesy colovaria
Eyes: Warm brown; colored blue courtesy colovaria
Favorite Classes: Defense against the Dark Arts, Charms
Least Favorite Class: Potions
Wand: Aspen with unicorn hair core,11 ¾ Inches long, slightly yielding

Most Muggleborn students don't learn about magic until they receive their letter from Hogwarts. Utena, however, has believed in magic for most of her childhood; after all, it's what saved her life. When she was young, her parents died suddenly, and unable to cope with the news she ran away. Careless in her grief, she slipped and fell into a rushing river, and would have died as well if not for a mysterious savior. She remembers very little about who rescued her or how, exactly, he saved her, but she does remember his kind words, his instructions for her to stay brave and noble, and the ring he left behind as a memento. Convinced it was a miracle, she became determined to learn as much about magic and the supernatural as possible, in the hopes that she, too, could perform miracles of her own.

As a Muggle, though, her knowledge was limited to superstition, imagination, and the works of fringe theory hacks. While most people thought her strange, her aunt and guardian tolerated Utena's eccentricities and considered them a phase that she would eventually grow out of. However, her life grew stranger as her magical abilities began to manifest, and once the Hogwarts letter came, it blew away their normal, ordinary life. Utena, of course, didn't mind at all, and jumped headfirst into the world of magic. Though her enthusiasm has mellowed out over the years, Utena is still awed and amazed by the wizarding world, and hopes to become the best witch she can.. and, perhaps, meet the wizard who saved her life as a child

-Utena is far more academically inclined in this setting! This is partially because there's no secret dueling games to distract her from her studies, but mostly it's because HOLY SHIT YOU ARE LEARNING HOW TO DO MAGIC. WAVE YOUR WAND AROUND AND CREATE FIREBALLS AND BURSTS OF LIGHT AND TRANSFORMING PIGS MAGIC. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS THIS IS THE HYPEST SHIT However, she's not a perfect student, and is more inclined to put effort into what interests or excites her (and fits her idea of what magic should be), while ignoring anything that strikes her as dull or drab.

-Since her ideals revolve around magic instead of princely chivalry in this setting, she's not as ridiculously athletic as she normally is. However, she's still a very physical person, and does well in Quidditch and with magic that involves bodily movements; charms are her magical forte because of this, and they come more intuitively to her than any other kind of spellwork.

-Her identity and self worth is strongly tied to magic in this setting. Being a witch means that she can do anything. It makes her strong, it makes her powerful, and it gives her the ability to protect herself and others. Without her magic, she'll feel weak and helpless, like she did back when her parents died.

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