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2036-02-20 04:25 pm
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Do you have any questions, comments, or criticisms about how I play Utena? Drop me a line here. Anon is on, IPs are off, and comments are screened unless otherwise requested. Go nuts.
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2034-08-01 12:55 am
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Hogwartsdisa AU profile

Basic Profile
Name: Utena Tenjou
Nationality: British (Japanese descent)
Bloodline: Muggleborn
House/Year: Gryffindor, 4th year
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Classes: The core classes; Muggle studies (easy marks!), Care of Magical Creatures
Hair: Dark brown; colored pink courtesy colovaria
Eyes: Warm brown; colored blue courtesy colovaria
Favorite Classes: Defense against the Dark Arts, Charms
Least Favorite Class: Potions
Wand: Aspen with unicorn hair core,11 ¾ Inches long, slightly yielding
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2012-11-18 01:34 am

Duel 03 // Video // Route 36... sort of

[Well, this is strange. Instead of a clear video, the feed presents a distorted color bar, accompanied by a garbled whines covered with static. The lines squeeze and dilate as a voice cuts through the noise, and the colors begin to adjust and morph into actual images]

-good? Alright!

[A blurry image of a girl comes on the screen, and once the video grows clear, those watching can see a shot of Utena standing somewhere at Route 36. Strange - the trees in the video are fuller than they are now, and their leaves brighter and more colorful, too; the foliage looks closer to the way it did early in October. An old video, perhaps?

[Either way, Utena beams at the camera, one hand on her hip, and something small and metallic in the other - the camera would have to zoom in to get a better look at it]

Okay, so... it took a while, but I've- excuse me, I mean we finally beat our first gym. And that's not the only thing that's new, either. Just take a look at these guys!

check out the new team! )

[OOC: Basically, instead of a backdated post, Utena's gear glitched out and showed an old, embarrassing, unposted video from back in October. tl;dr, you really, really shouldn't try to ride a Rapidash bareback. She's over in Goldenrod now, and any replies will be from long after her misadventure]
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2012-09-24 07:39 pm
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Duel 02 // Video // Violet City

Steady, steady...

[The camera swerves and shakes, and glimpses of one of Violet City's inn rooms can be seen as it slows down]

There! Perfect!

[And soon it focuses in on a teenage girl, sitting crosslegged and barefoot on a bed, her back against the wall. She's dressed a lot like a cyclist - if cyclists wore red instead of pink, that is]

Alright, so. [Takes a deep breath] I've been slacking off a little - okay, no, I've been slacking off a lot since I came here. But, I think it's time to start doing more. To get out and actually see this place. And for that, I need to start training - both myself, and my pokemon.

But... there's one thing.

[She waves her hand, and the camera sweeps over to a Kakuna resting upright against the pillows. It zooms in and the Kakuna twitches... right before it flops over and falls on its side. Utena sighs and catches it before it can roll off the mattress, and sets to putting it back upright]

I have no idea what I'm going to do about her. I mean, these bug things are supposed to evolve pretty quickly, right? But it feels like she's been stuck in this cocoon for forever. I'm not going to take her to the gym with me, so maybe it doesn't matter, but...I don't know, I can't help but worry a little-

[And there's a light "paff" as the Kakuna falls over. Again.]

...anyway, if anyone has any advice, that would be great. For Kakuna over here, or the Violet City Gym.

[And she picks her up again, right before the camera cuts off.]
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2012-07-24 02:22 am

Duel 01 // Video & Action // New Bark Town

[A blurry splotch of white and red fills the screen, before the camera zooms out to show a Ponyta standing in an open field. It sniffs the air curiously before it faces the camera again, and trots over as a girl speaks in the background]

Hey, careful there-oof!

[The Ponyta's face fills the screen and the camera jerks around wildly, before focusing on a large, blue eye. It blinks as it zooms out again, finally revealing the owner of the pokegear: a young girl in her early teens, with an angular, heartshaped face and long, bright pink hair. The pokemon nuzzles against her, and she sighs as she strokes its nose with her free hand. Compared to a human, it appears quite small; about the size of a miniature horse. Once it settles down, the trainer turns her attention to the camera. Her brow furrows as she begins to speak]

Is anyone out there? I just got done with that professor guy, and – look. I don't know what you want us to do with these “battles”, but first of all, I don't have any time for that. I've got more important things to worry about right now than some silly game! And second...

[looks back at her Ponyta] Even if I was interested, these guys don't really look like fighting material to me. Maybe if they were bigger, or stronger, or....huh?

[Pauses, and blinks while Ponyta moves away – there's a rustling sound as it nudges the bag off-camera. She sighs, and the camera jerks a bit as she pulls it away from him]

...look, all I need is a way out of here. If any of you guys know something... well, I'm all ears.

[and off goes the transmission]